How to Maintain our Sprinkler System

Our sprinkler system is very important especially when we don’t have the time to water our lawn regularly, it is also important if we have farm our crops that we need to maintain.

Sprinkler system is almost needed all through the seasons especially summer time and it is important that we maintain our sprinkler system in that way we can save money from repairs and replacements and it can last us a much longer time.

Below are some tips on how we can maintain our sprinkler system in our property.

1. Know How Long it Takes time for Your Sprinkler to Water your Property

It is important that we know how long our sprinkler system takes to water out land effectively and set it correctly to how long the distance it takes and the time every day in every week.  If you are new to having a sprinkler system and don’t know how it exactly works you can ask help from All-Star Sprinkler Repair or do research online.

Usually, people use timers and set it to 15 minutes in that way they can check and measure how far did the water reach and that is where they start adjusting the sprinkler system. It is also important to always check for leaks, clogs, in that way you can maintain your system properly and avoid any damages.

2.  Adjust your water depending on the season

It is important that we check our weather and our season if it is always raining we don’t need to turn on our system and when we base it during the seasons that we have the amount of water and the time that we set it too differs since the weather helps us water our plants so it can be lesser during spring and more during summer.

It is also important to check your land in many cases that your land doesn’t get too much sun or it is shady then you can also adjust where your watering needs are. In that way, you can conserve water and maintain your sprinkler system from too much work.

3. Inspect Sprinkler System

It is important that we always check for leaks, broken pipes, lines, or heads in that way we can fix it as soon as we can. When we take care of it as soon as possible we can save water consumption and money when a bigger problem arises.

It is important to check this not only for our sprinkler system but also for the sake of our land too much water flow without us knowing can cause puddles and leaks it can be messy and destroy our land.

5. Have Sensors Installed

when the weather and the temperature are always changing the best thing to do is to have a sensor installed in that way you can avoid wasting water and also you can save money and protect your system since it can automatically turn off and detect if there is no need for water.

6. Replace damage sprinkler system

When we see damages on our sprinkler system or it is always clogged up changing it would be the best option there is. It is also important that you not only check your sprinkler heads for damages we also need to make sure that it is in the proper direction so that we can adjust it the way it should be.